A tribute to Goencho Saib



The feast of St Francis Xavier that is normally celebrated on December 3 was celebrated on December 4, as during the Advent season no feasts can be celebrated on Sundays. Many people from across Goa thronged to Old Goa to seek the Saint’s blessing. Some even took up ‘padayatras’ from distant places such as Sawantwadi to the north, Belagavi to the south-west and Karwar to the south in order to pay homage to the saint. Upon reaching Old Goa a day before the feast, the pilgrims attended mass, said the rosary and made their way back home after attending the feast mass. On the feast day masses were offered in different languages including, Spanish, English and Konkani. People made long queues to put their petitions before the Goencho Saib and thank him for all his favours.