Connection – a film for the Konkani thriller buffs




Connection – multiple stories, multiple characters and one connection; the title of new Konkani film has created a lot of buzz; a suspense thriller that promises to entertain the Goan audiences. Director Christ Silva’s latest offering ‘Connection’ has more than just the suspense to ride on, it also has popular actor and tiatr director Prince Jacob as a protagonist.

After tele-film ‘Limits’ and feature film ‘Action’, Silva’s new film had its premiere at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao recently. ‘Connection’ is a narrative of Fr Mark who has had a haunting past. The story develops as one of the prisoners in the prison where he visits, approaches him to write a book on how he landed in jail.

Moreover, there are multiple characters in the movie with equally important stories to tell. Some part of the movie is also presented from their perspective. ‘Connection’ is a thriller that equally balances drama and suspense throughout the two hours thirty five minutes of the film. The suspense comes to the fore as a shock in the climax.

Here is what the director and lead actor has to say about the movie:


  1. Prince, tell us about your character in ‘Connection’.

Prince: I’m playing the lead role of Fr Mark. Fr Mark is an ideal priest. He is kind, generous, down-to-earth and most importantly he never judges anyone. He is pious and his blind faith in God. Books are his life; in fact he is also an author with people eagerly waiting for his books to hit the stands, while he is always on the lookout for his next story. His life takes a new turn after a prisoner approaches him to write his (the prisoner’s) life’s story. The suspense begins when Fr Mark is unsure to hear his story. Besides, the priest also has a catastrophic past that haunts him.


  1. Prince is a comedian on tiatr stage. What made you to think of him to play a serious role?

Silva: Prince Jacob is renowned as a comedian on tiatr stage but I am aware of his versatility. He can perform any role without over doing it. I have been his fan since the time I saw his shows as a child. Thus, I felt he was the right person to perform as Fr Mark.


  1. Silva, how was it directing Prince Jacob? And Jacob, how was the experience working with your colleagues’ son?

Silva: It was a dream. Every film enthusiast wants to be part of a movie. Direction is a fantasy, a dream for many and I am glad that my dream has come true. Working with a versatile actor was an unbelievable experience to top it all.

Prince: Silva does his homework, prepares for his shot and then comes on the location to discuss it with the cast and crew. This is what I like about him. He knows what he wants before even he does it practically. We finished with the shooting within 16 days because he was perfectly prepared with his scenes. This says that he is really serious about his art. It was certainly a good experience.


  1. Why a film in Konkani?

Silva: I wanted to work towards the development of the language. I believe that since we live in Goa and that Konkani is our mother tongue, we need to contribute in some way to this land and its identity.


  1. Where do you think Konkani films stand today?

Silva: I feel it’s a golden period for Konkani films. With every film, the Konkani films industry is getting more professional – technically and artistically. Most importantly, people make a special visit to the auditoriums and theatres to watch these films. Earlier they would just buy VCD’s.

Prince: Konkani films are running through their most important era. You can see that Konkani films have standard now. Movies like Nachom-ia Kumpasar, K Sera Sera have set standards in Konkani film industry. Hence, those who are in the midst of making Konkani films will feel the urge to meet these standards.


  1. Where would you like to see Konkani film industry five years from now?

Silva: Like every other film industry in India, Konkani film industry is progressing. With effort and hard work, I think Konkani will soon grab all the opportunities to do better.

Prince: Our Konkani film Nachom-ia Kumpasar’s script is in the Oscar library at present. Konkani films have achieved national awards. In another five years, I think that Konkani films should get nominated for Oscars. Konkani films have set standards now, and good films with serious directors are coming soon. There is good scope for it to get nominated at Oscars in near future.


  1. How do you mark out a particular film as good and bad?

Silva: I believe that it is a verdict of the audience. Some may like a film that others may regret watching it. I would rather consider the numbers in the audience in this case. The more audience you have for your film, the better it is. The longer the film lasts in theatre, the more people loved it.

Prince: For me, I look at the screenplay, cinematography, script and direction. Sometimes, with minimum dialogues you can present maximum emotions. I look at a proficiency of a film with regards to creativity as well as technicality. What I consider a good film, may seem a bad one to others.


  1. Having worked with Silva’s father – John, for your recent tiatr ‘Aao Ja-o Goa Tumhara’, how different did you find the father and son?

Prince: They are poles apart! If John knows how to be funny, his son knows how to be serious. It is very difficult to get a smile from the son, unlike in case of John. However, their dedication and seriousness in this creative field can be seen through their work.


  1. You are pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Are you planning to get deeper into creative field as well?

Silva: I don’t know. I may get into films, not in tiatrs. Tiatrs do not fascinate me as much as films do. I’m yet to decide though.