For the first time, we are having a planned beginning for women’s football: Julian Colaco


Julian Colaco is a woman difficult to ignore when it comes to sports or football in Goa. The star forty years ago– when Goa won the Senior Women National in Goa on November 6 –still shines when women football is spoken about. The Navhind Times gets the sparkle in conversation about the Goa women’s League that is expected to start soon

One hundred and eight players have been suggested for the draft of the first Women league on November 6, the fortieth year of Goa having won the Senior Women national at the then Campal stadium in Panaji. “The idea of lots is to bring a balance in teams. There will be no favourites,” assures Julian Colaso, the member of the Goa team forty years ago and the brain behind the league now.

“For the first time, we are having a planned beginning for women. The idea is to have a structure in place and hopefully with the continuous efforts of players and those involved in the organisation now, the league will evolve and women’s football in Goa will have a destiny,” says Julian who also is the chairman of GFA’s women committee.

“The beginning may not be big. But, for a start players are going to be paid. We have advocated that teams pay each girl Rs 500 per match and Rs 200 for travelling per match. It is now up to the discretion of the six teams,” says Julian. “The idea is to get the girls some parity in pay .There should be some equality and I hope the team managements agree,” stated Julian.

“We are lucky to have a trained coach in Juliet. If a team wants her to coach them I am sure they will get the permission from DSYA to use her services. Juliet stands out among the women coaches in Goa. There are others but they never appear to have the time to come forward,” discloses Julian.

“Once the League is over it is up to the players to keep themselves fit. During my days, we used to play with the men in the village fields. We had no better facilities but just the love for the game. If the girls today keep themselves fit, they will surely be able to climb higher during the next season if not the same,” stated Julian.

“If the League is held in Duler or Navelim I am sure there will be plenty of people coming to watch the games. Navelim is by itself a big hub of football. We have a great number of our players from Navelim and South Goa is always known to patronise football,” stated Julian.

“We are making sure that all six teams get a fair distribution of players. All State players are going to be equally divided by lots to the six teams and the remaining players may be got during the draft,” discloses Julian.

“The sponsors are going to provide each girl with two playing jerseys and a jersey to travel for the game, socks and refreshments during the game,” stated Julian. “ The girls were promised travelling allowance for their practise matches by GFA,” added Julian.

“I do not expect the League to start on November 11. The teams have to assemble after the draft and start practise. They should practise for at least two weeks. So, I expect the League to kick off by the end of November or first week of December,” said Julian.