Must do exercises for brides and grooms


The wedding season is upon us, so is the stress of looking and feeling our best. Try these exercises to rock your D-Day.

You’ve bought an expensive designer dress or a tailor-made suit for your wedding, but are the thoughts of fitting into it on the D-Day haunting you? Wedding preparation can be stressful — shopping, menus, guest lists, honeymoon planning…it’s endless. And the pressure can cause some stress eating. If you’ve fallen victim to that, here are some tip that will help you remain sane and in shape. Start practising these exercises six weeks before the wedding to see visible changes.

Here are 5 must-do exercises for brides and grooms:

Squats: This compound exercise will work on toning your thighs, calf and secretly work on your abs too. Make sure to psychologically engage your core (abs) to get good squats.

Chest press: If you want your shoulders and chest to look toned, you must incorporate chest press. It works on toning the upper body, along with correcting posture and boosting confidence. As the muscles get toned, they appear to lift up the breast, so they sit a little higher on the chest. Chest press can also make your midriff look thinner. In men, chest presses can make them look broader.

Lateral pull down: If you are planning on wearing a sexy deep neck blouse, shouldn’t your back look its toned best? Working on the back will ensure you have a leaner waist. Often, we don’t get to see our own back, hence, it gets neglected.

Calf raises: You will be spending a lot of your time on your feet. So, working on the calves will ensure your legs are able to get that smile on the face naturally, unlike most people who start faking a smile as their legs get tired.

Mediation: Find a quiet corner and allow yourself a few moments of meditation. This will help you focus better.

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