Antruz Lalitak: Contributing to Goan theatre since last 40 years


Dramatic and cultural Association, Antruz Lalitak based in Bandora, Ponda was recently conferred the Best Cultural Institution for the year 2016-17 by the Department of Art and Culture, for their contribution and achievement in the field of art and culture. NT BUZZ finds out more about the work carried out by the organisation towards promoting theatre in Goa


Since last 40 years Antruz Lalitak has been contributing immensely to Konkani theatre by producing a number of Konkani and Marathi plays. The organisation was first founded in 1976 by Ravindra Namshika and Gurudas Bambolkar in order to promote the Konkani language through the medium of theatre. During that time theatre was very popular and thus helped spread a message to mass audience. “It is quite an honouring achievement to receive the state-award for Best Cultural Institution. Antruz has been actively participating and producing good theatre for many years,” says president of Antruz Lalitak, Vijaykant P Namshika.

Over the years Antruz through various plays have been raising various issues pertaining to the society. Speaking about the themes, Vijaykant says: “Antruz has played an essential role in Goan theatre. Plays produced here were in various styles and themes right from traditional sangeet natak and folk theatre to modern plays.

Antruz gave birth to new playwrights, directors, new actors and back stage artistes who made an identity of their own and carried forward the art of theatre.”

Antruz thus gave youth a platform to showcase their talent. “Many youngsters started taking keen interest in theatre and many newcomers brought out their hidden creative side in form of writing, directing as well as acting,” Vijaykant adds.

The institutions participated in various state and national events like the All India Konkani Drama Competition organised by Dr TMA Pai Foundation, Udupi. It also participated in various national theatre festivals in Mumbai, Mangalore, Bangalore, Delhi, Nagpur and several others.

Prominent artistes like Ravindra Namshika, Pundalik Naik, Dattaram Bambolkar, Gurudas Bambolkar, Vishnu Wagh, Prashant Mardolkar, Shaba Kurtarkar and Shridhar Bambolkar have been associated with Antruz Lalitak.

Vijaykant also adds that Antruz Lalitak had successfully for the first time organised Goa Yuva Mahotsav in Margao which was a collaborated event along with the Konkani Bhasha Mandal. The institution has also organised the first Konkani Natya Mahotsav at Kala Academy. Adding to the accolades, the institution was awarded the prestigious Konkani Seva Puraskar by Goa Konkani Academy in the year 2012.

Since its registration in 1978, Antruz Lalitak has produced plays based on various topics. Plays like Rahil, Talikot, Mahiravan, Rathotsav, Charudatt, Satya Maddita Maddita, Suvari, Dharangaj, Rangyatrik, Daddy, Sanskar, Parikrama, Gei Maye, Sanvar Yug, Jeevan Mokh, Chetuk, Suring, Asche ani itlech, Bhograjya, Beman, Premzagor and Karnaparva received huge appreciation and response from the audiences over the years.

Director of Antruz, Shridhar Bambolkar says: “Over the years we have tried to highlight various social issues pertaining to the society and are open to all. They are universal themes that we have touched upon, also adding folk art into it. Antruz has not only produced plays but has also adapted various famous plays and performed them at various festivals.”

Shridhar extends his best wishes to the team who has been effortlessly working in the field at the same time thanking the audience for whole-heartedly supporting them.

As part of the Best Cultural Institution for the year 2016-17, Antruz along with other state awardees will be felicitated through a ceremony by the department which will be held in a special event later. Also, an award consisting of a memento, certification and cash prize of `3, 00,000 will presented to the institution.