Aiming for the headlines


‘Music has no language’ believes musician Mark Revlon Fernandes from Loutolim who with his band ‘Headlines’ performs across Goa. He recently sang for an audio/video track titled ‘Rise as One’ released in collaboration with Royston and Revlon Jackson. NT BUZZ catches up with Mark to know more about his musical journey


For some music is a way to calm one’s mind, for few it’s a means for self-exploration while others do it to advance their passion and love for music. Little did drummer from Loutolim, Mark Revlon Fernandes know that seeing his tiatrist father perform and captivate the audience with his music for tiatrs, would push him into the music industry. From the initial days Mark developed a keen interest in music moreover the drums. From clanging utensils at home in his younger days Mark has gone a long way mastering his passion to play drums. Having received no formal training he boasts of learning to play drums by himself.

He has recently sung and played in the audio/video music track titled ‘Rise as One’ which is released in collaboration with Royston and Revlon Jackson. “It was Royston’s idea; he then got in contact with GSPL (Goa Sevens Premier League) for the music and lyrics. He called me to sing for this track. After getting the lyrics of the song we changed and improvised a bit and finally it was time to sing. We recorded the vocals in two hours. The advantage of working in collaboration with people is the experience you get. It enhances my experience when I perform for different sections of people,” says Mark.

Although this isn’t his individual venture, it is interesting to see how the musician grew with his music and participated in the Voice of UK in 2014. Though it may sound as easy as pie, like many musicians he had to make sacrifices to achieve his dreams. “You have to make personal sacrifices. Living in a particular place assuming that you are good isn’t enough. Although I didn’t make it to the third round I was happy to participate and make it through two rounds without receiving any formal training. Overall, it was a fun experience,” says Mark.

A country like India, especially the urban India, is obsessed with foreign languages and music to a certain extent. However, Mark represents today’s youth and sings in three Indian languages (Hindi, Konkani and Marathi) and five foreign languages (English, Portuguese, Kazak, Italian and Russian). “For Goans Konkani is the way to go forward besides, Hindi and English. I have been to Kazakhstan, UK, and Russia performing for night clubs. What I learnt over the years is that your community has to support you and one has to produce original music. Although it is a challenge to compose originals,” says Mark.

He was formally introduced to music by his brother, Luke Fernandes in 1996. Back then owing to technology not being as advanced as it is now, he still managed to follow his dream. Since his brother was a musician he would bring home cassette tapes and CD’s for Mark to sharpen his singing and percussion skills. “My brother started a band in 1994 and I joined him two years later. He would bring home tapes and CD’s by singers and songwriter like Freddie Mercury, Boney M and the like. Besides, I would listen to music on the radio,” says Mark.

The band started by Mark’s brother in 1994 split which led to the evolution of a four-piece band by the brothers named ‘Headlines’ in 1996. ‘Headlines’ comprises of Franky on keyboards, Edmund on bass, Chris on lead guitar and Mark on drums. “I play drums and sing too. The choice of music is what we want to play and what the audience wants to listen. The band has performed across Goa and tries to strike a balance between dance and song,” says Mark.

If not a musician Mark reveals that he would have been a footballer. He adds: “Music and football are two important parts of my life. I have been a footballer but then when I realised that music was my true calling, I got into it.”

(The music video is available on YouTube)