Eka Meka Pasot


TIATR Review JP Pereira

Another top notch entertainer, ‘Eka Meka Pasot’ is the latest non-stop show from Comedian Agostinho. The tiatr has a fine mixture of tragedy and comedy, while entertaining throughout.

The story has Claudia and Sanjeev who are married and have a grown-up son, Benoy. The couple love each other and treasured their son. Armando is the local money lender who is greedy, cruel and without any sense of right and wrong. His son Rodney is in the seminary and daughter Alice is a person who loves and helps others. Armando believes that his children have become like their departed mother and regrets for they are nothing like him. There are other important characters like Indira, Tadeu, Camron and Brownie.  Benoy promises joy and happiness to his parents, falls in love with Alice and warns her that his parents have to be treated with love and respect. The two get married and Alice stays true to her promise. But fate strikes a blow and the story continues on stage in this production of selfless love and how evil begets evil.

This tiatr is another fine non-stop script from Agostinho that is directed in style. It has a different story with different characterisation. The opening act of mother, father and son and that of the drunken person praying at the Holy Cross is a treat. Besides this, the fine music, the ‘cantos’, light effects and the rocking comedy make this tiatr one of the best entertainer this season. Dolla is aptly cast as Claudia, the soft spoken, loving and caring mother. She is superb in every act. So is Cia as Alice. The new actor acts and carries herself well and is sure to be an asset to the Konkani stage. Pascoal does a fine job as the husband, Pradep Naik is superbly different, soft spoken but evil and heartless as Armando while Willie acts well as the superficial Benoy. Filipe is Rodney, the good son who tries to change and challenge his father. Benny plays the parish priest. The comedy is a laugh riot. Janet is Indira, wife of Tadeu played in style by Jaju. Selvy is Brownie, busy advising everyone around him and Agostinho is Camron, who is in need of a plastic surgery. The four create a laugh riot. The band is a treat, Aidan on trumpet, Minguel on saxophone, Jack Rebello great on drums, Casmiro on the punchy bass and a beautiful background on the keyboard by Wilbur. Benny renders the opening song and Janet-Selvy-Agostinho performs the quasi political comedy trio. The entire non-stop show is an entertainer.