Jumpstart a career in the cruise line industry


Working onboard a luxury cruise liner is a dream that many harbour. Helping Goans make this dream a reality is Margao-based American College of Culinary and Language Arts (ACCLA), a culinary academy which specialises in professional culinary education and training, specialising in the field of cruise line culinary programmes. The course content is aimed at training students in acquiring specific skill sets which are necessary for the cruise line industry.

ACCLA is presently offering the Integrated Cruise Culinary Programme (ICCP), a three-month intensive course followed by six months of industrial training. The programme trains and prepares students to take on the role of an assistant cook position on a luxury cruise liner or a position in a luxury five-star hotel. Eligibility for admission to the programmes is class 10 and above, basic English skills and a positive attitude.

The programme provides in-depth exposure to various facets of the industry. Course curriculum includes academic learning, practical sessions and professional internship.  The internship component, apart from serving as an effective training element, is also the key factor for the eventual placement.

Programme curriculum has been designed by the cruise liners along the lines of the best culinary cruise liner management programmes in the world, under the guidance of senior industry and academic experts with experience in the cruise line industry. Chef Seby Fernandes and chef Paul Fernandes are the faculty at ACCLA and have worked onboard luxury cruise lines in the capacity of executive chef.

The campus has a state-of-the-art kitchen, which is designed like the galley (kitchens onboard cruise liners), equipped with latest equipment so that the students get a complete experience and feel of working in a galley on-board a cruise liner.

One can visit:

https://www.acclaindia.com/  for more details