The amicable in Amizade


Om Creative Filmworks in association with By Mistake Motion Pictures will soon release their Konkani film Amizade (Friendship). Directed by Aniket Naik who has worked on several films and ad films in Mumbai, the movie is produced by Sachin Verlekar. Revolving around love and friendship, the film’s shooting is underway in Goa with an all Goan cast. The movie will introduce new talent when it will release later this year. NT BUZZ gets a sneak peek into the making of Amizade
Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ

Q. Tell us about the film Amizade?
Aniket: Amizade is a Konkani love story. It revolves around four friends, their friendship and love. We have already finished shooting the first half of the film. The entire film is shot in Goa.
Sachin: Our film has many firsts to be proud of. In fact, the criteria while casting was that the cast should consist of new faces and only Goans. For a growing industry we thought why not have an all Goan new cast. Besides, we have also shot on locations that are not commonly known and seen in other films
Q. Very interesting! So can you tell us more about these new faces?
Aniket: (smiles and looks towards Sachin)
Sachin: We will disclose the names soon, but all I can say is that Goa has so much untapped talent. The actors we’ve chosen are no less than professional actors. But you will also get the doze of our true Goan actors like John D’Silva and Rajiv Hede

Q. Having worked as assistant director in Bollywood for close to 10 years, why did you choose a Konkani film for your directorial debut?
Aniket: I have worked on Ferrari Ki Sawari, John D, several ads, and also the Hollywood film Hidden as the second assistant director. Being a Goan making a film in Konkani came naturally to me and it’s the biggest pleasure to make my debut film in my mother tongue. This film connects with Goa’s culture and heritage.

Q. Did the success of Nachom-ia Kumpasar drive you to make a film in Konkani?
Aniket: Not really. In fact I had been contemplating on making a Konkani film for quite some time. Of course I have learnt film direction in Mumbai, but if I was getting an opportunity to contribute to Goan cinema there’s nothing like it. Since my roots are in Goa, all I wanted to do was to come back and make a good Goan film. I have worked on the script for close to two years.

Q. You have no background in films, so why did you come forward to produce Amizade?
Sachin: I do watch lots of Hindi films. And since many people have been coming forward to lend their support to Konkani cinema in various ways, I thought why not produce a good Konkani film that is done well technically.

Q. Well the film Amizade as the name suggests is about friendship and love, tell us about the producer-director friendship?
Aniket: We have been friends ever since we got on board to make this film a reality. Being the director I got the liberty to take my call whenever needed especially on creative aspects pertaining to the film. But, whenever Sachin gave creative inputs they have been bang on. As much as I know my script he knows it well too.
Sachin: Well it took us six months to get things locked on. Whatever issues we have are all with regards to the film. However, the tiffs are more towards working on a solution. The funny thing is that we usually have more than one solution.