Grand Hyatt launches ‘The Strike casino’


PANAJI: ‘The Strike casino’ one of the India’s largest land based gaming destination was launched in an exciting and glittering Las Vegas style launch on Friday, at The Grand Hyatt Goa, Bambolim. It was Ibiza and Las Vegas glamour rolled into one as the ribbon was cut and the ‘Dom’ was popped to allow the guests who came from all over India into the newest and the most vibrant casino that Goa has seen or shall see in the near future. Gloss, Glamour and Gaming in Goa unlimited will describe this spectacle, colors, feather plumes, the flowers and the aerial dancers who rocked the evening. Games galore with ‘Roulettes’ spinning and the dice rolling with ‘Sic Bo’, the clinking of chips at ‘The Baccarat’ , the clang of the ‘Mini Poker’ and ‘Money Wheel’ and the simply majestic ‘Thor Machines’ the first of its kind in Asia were enthralling the gamers and the customers in this 24×7 casino. One of the directors believes that, ‘Change the way you strike’ will lead everyone to it’s door for its ‘Time to Strike’. NT