Paddy transplantation on in full swing


CANACONA: The paddy transplantation by farmers in Canacona reached final stages with completion of 85% of field works and the remaining will be completed within a week, informed Canacona ZAO Shivram Gaonkar.

Speaking to this reporter Gaonkar felt that the farmers are upbeat following good spells of rains for the last one and half months.

He further pointed out that around 2,045 hectares of cultivable area has been utilised by the farmers during this Kharif season and of this around 20 hectares of land has been covered under Systemic Rice Intensification (SRI) method.

Since the crop is in initial stage of its growth it has not been affected by pests.

But Gaonkar opined that if the dry spell persists then there are chances for pests but to control the same the farmers have been advised to use spray of Chloropyrilhos at the rate of 20 ml in 15 litres of water.

Moreover he pointed out that this year the farmers used more Karzat-3 seeds which is more favourable among the farming community.

He also said that about 50-60 farmers have opted for SRI method of cultivation and that seeds of some new varieties have also been used on trial basis.