Commonwealth Developers start ‘Save The Frog’ campaign
PANAJI: As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Commonwealth Developers Private Limited have undertaken “Save The Frog” Campaign. They have released advertisements to print media informing citizens not to catch frogs in the monsoons and not to consume frog meat. Commonwealth Developers are going to print a Booklet which is going to be distributed in schools informing students that frog is our friend and frog is an important part of our Eco System. Frogs eat mosquitoes, ticks and flies that carry vector-borne diseases such as Malaria & Dengue Fever. Tadpoles eat algae and therefore act as a natural filtration system that keeps our drinking water clean. The press release by Datta Naik, Managing Director, Commonwealth Developers Pvt Ltd says that they have made the Frog as their Corporate Mascot since CD Projects are environment friendly where even frogs can feel at home and move freely. Commonwealth Developers follows a self imposed Code of Conduct: CD Panchsheel for all their Projects. It plants as many trees as possible on its sites. It strives to give World Class Quality, Ambiance & Service to its clients, says the Press Note. NT

Manipal Hospital starts Blood Bank for Goans
PANAJI: Manipal Hospitals, Goa inaugurated a fully functional and 24/7 operational blood bank for the people of Goa. The Hospital has acquired license to collect, store and process Whole Human Blood and its components. The facility was inaugurated by Chief Guest for the function Director General of Police (DGP), Dr Muktesh Chander in the presence of Guest of Honour, Salim A Veljee, Director, Directorate of Food & Drugs Administration. Others present on behalf of Manipal Hospitals Goa were Girish Babu Bommakanti – Unit Head of the Hospital and Dr Shekhar Salkar – Chief of Clinical Services & Chief of Medical Services. NT

Texprocil releases E&Y Study on Textile Industry
MUMBAI: TEXPROCIL, the first Export Promotion Council responsible for promoting Cotton Textile exports from India, held a function recently at the Hotel Taj, Santacruz in Mumbai to release an Ernst Young Study report on “Textile Industry as a vehicle of job creation for inclusive growth”. The event was attended by the leading industry heads in the textile and clothing industry. R K Dalmia, Chairman, Texprocil thanked Rashmi Verma, Textiles Secretary for sparing her time and making it for the release of the study report. NT

Ryan International School students exchange program
MUMBAI: Students of Ryan International School, Mumbai recently had an exchange with the Eve Studio in Estonia. It was an wonderful opportunity for the students to visit Viljandi in Estonia, which was the part of former USSR. As a part of exchange, Indian students had workshop on Circus and Estonian Folk Dances dance by Marco Bonisimo and Tiia Kadalipp. Indian Students presented a Puppet Play “Colors of India” at the annual festival of Notafe in Viljande. The Estonian students and audience appreciated and loved the colorful and creative performance by Indian Students. As a part of exchange, Indian students were staying with the Estonian host families. During the 3 days festival they also got wonderful opportunity to see various dance and theater performances by Estonian and Finnish students. The trip was organized under the guidance of our visionary Chairman Dr AF Pinto and Madam Grace Pinto. NT