Canacona residents meet cops over gang scare



Distressed over the recent spate of incidents of assault on people vis-a-vis vandalisation of establishments by a gang, particularly, at Palolem, some Canacona residents met the police officers including the SDPO Quepem and DySP Sammy Tavares on Saturday at Palolem Youth Club.
Around 150 residents attended the meeting with the police officials.
It may be recalled that the residents had complained that they were distraught by the anti-social activities of the gang of 25-30 persons, and that it be dealt with iron hand.
Some residents also had a meeting with the SDPO Quepem seeking his help.
Paying heed to the request, the SDPO Tavares came to meet the people and after hearing their grievances put before him, he assured to rein in the gang that is operating in Canacona, and asked one month’s time to resolve the issue.
“After a month I will do a follow up,” he added.
Tavares also informed that he has already issued directions to the Canacona police to carry out intensive patrolling to put paid to anti-social activities.
He also said that the public needs to co-operate with the law protecting agency. He said that action becomes difficult unless and until the complaints are registered.
He also said that the demand put up by the people for a police out-post will take a long time to be fulfilled as it needs the government sanction.
However, he said that if two rooms are provided a ‘Police Beat Post’ can be set up on a priority with at least three policemen.
As regards to sex racket and drugs, he opined that any tourism beach may have it, but if there are informants then things can be brought under control within no time.
Earlier, several residents aired their grievances, and almost all the speakers called upon the Canconcars to remain united to fight such spate of incidents and thefts committed by the gang.
Acting PI Ravi Desai and Canacona PSI Prashal Desai were also present for the meeting.