9 bikes impounded over illegal modification at Calangute



CALANGUTE: The Calangute traffic cell for the first time has impounded 9 two-wheelers  for modifying bikes without permission from the RTA.

A Royal Enfield colour was changed to golden and the owner of the bike has spent Rs 60,000 for changing the colour without getting the permission from RTA.  According to the traffic cell, 3 bikes from Calangute were caught for illegal modification while 2 each from Mapusa and Nagoa.

The traffic PI said that youth race during nights and it is very difficult to detain them. The vehicles that were detained on Tuesday did not have side mirrors, use of jet cylinders, halogen lamps, miniature number plates, no helmets and noise pollution (2 horns).

According to traffic cell  the two-wheelers were booked under Section 129 for non usage of helmets, Section 190 (2) change of bike colour, Section 106 dazzling light, Section 51 without proper number plate and Section 125 side mirror.

The traffic cell incharge PI Salim Sheikh said that such two-wheelers are used only in the nights to get away from police. Sheikh said that stringent action will be taken by RTA if such violators are caught.