Study on soil inhabiting nematodes conducted


Sister Maria Lizanne AC, assistant professor of Carmel College of Arts, Science and Commerce for Women, Nuvem, has been awarded with the Degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in Zoology, for her thesis entitled ‘Atlas of soil inhabiting, free-living nematodes of Goa’ during the recently concluded 28th Convocation of Goa University.
She worked extensively on the free living, soil inhabiting nematodes of the entire state of Goa. This is a pioneering work of such nature from the state of Goa. Her research work was guided and supervised by Dr I Pai, professor of zoology, Goa University.
Nematodes are commonly referred to as ‘thread worms’. They are microscopic, unsegmented and colourless invertebrate animals. They are most common and abundant in soil but are also aquatic. They are free-living, parasitic on / in plants, in animals and even in human beings (roundworms).
They are the best models for studying many human diseases; ecological bio-indicators; important decomposers of organic matter; bio-indicators of pollution especially of heavy metals; reflect differences between disturbed, undisturbed and human-impacted environment.