Anaahat Naad-Bringing artists together


Janardan Verlekar

Anupama Bhagwat from Bengaluru (sitar) and Mayank Bedekar from Goa (tabla) performed their maiden concert together at the annual Anaahat Naad music festival held in Margao organised by Gomant Vidya Niketan. The two day festival was held for the 11th year in the memory of music aficionado and past president of GVN Ashok Kare. Anupama Bhagwat played alaap, jod and jhala on sitar in raag puriya. Mayank Bedekar accompanied her on tabla. She concluded her recital with a folk, semi-classical composition. The two artists played in perfect tuning and understanding and the audience thoroughly enjoyed their concert.

The rich and unique Hindustani classical tradition of our country through such performances brings artists otherwise separated by geographical distances together.