State cricketers earn Rs 10 lakhs a year



Sports Editor



Selected to represent a State is a dream of any cricketer. Getting selected every year is living a dream because the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has made life financially rewarding for cricketers.

“The BCCI pays each Ranji players Rs four lakhs as fees annually. Apart from the fees, an additional sum is given to the players from the other revenues generated during the calendar. This varies yearly,” a senior BCCI source told The Navhind Times.

The BCCI rule states that each Ranji player is paid Rs 10,000 per day for every Ranji match. Each match is of four days. That makes it Rs 40,000 per match.

In the 20015 season, Goa played eight matches. That means just for the Ranji matches each player who represented Goa got Rs 3, 20,000.

Further, the BCCI rule stipulates that each player gets Rs 10,000 for every one-day match.

In the same 2015 season, Goa participated in 5 one-day matches, taking each player’s earning to Rs 50,000.

Another Rs 5,000 for each T20 match played. Goa participated in six T20 matches in the last season, each player earning Rs 30,000.

Each player earned Rs 400,000.

“The BCCI paid each player around 6, 30,000 (Rs six lakhs, thirty thousand) additionally as share of the pool of income earned by BCCI for the season. The share of how much each player gets depends on the number of matches he plays in a season. Some players play for Ranji and are not selected for one-dayers or T20s.The margin varies according to the number of matches played,” disclosed our source.

“If a team qualifies for the knockouts, the earnings are more because they will have to play extra matches. BCCI makes the payments to all the players through the respective State associations. Apart from the payments, lodging, boarding and transport are looked after by the associations through the funds allocated by BCCI to them,” added our source.

“The match fees are fixed. The extra that is paid is allocated on the BCCI earnings. It can increase or decrease, depending on the revenue generated and earmarked for disbursment among the players,” disclosed the BCCI source to this paper.

Going by BCCI disclosures, each Goan player who has been selected for Ranji, one-dayers and T20 stood to take home Rs ten lakhs for the 2015 season.The question that stumbles out next is: is this why there is a clamour to be in the Ranji team?