There is an abundance of writers, now readers must play their part: Edward de Lima


“There is an abundance of writers. Now readers must play their part. The more one reads, the more he comes across new words, his knowledge increases and he finds a new sense of direction to his writing skills. Reading and writing in Konkani is the need of the hour,” said educationist and writer Edward de Lima while speaking as the chief guest during the final round of Dalgado Konknni Akademi’s (DKA) Konknni Reading Competition which was held at DKA’s Reginald Fernandes Conference Hall, Panaji.

“Konkani language was sustained by our ancestors and it is our duty to uphold as well as offer a place of pride to Konkani,” de Lima said. He also drew attention to the fact that English language was constantly borrowing words from other languages and enriching itself and further disclosed that as per his research there were about 2000 Portuguese loanwords which had become part and parcel of Konkani. Prof de Lima also congratulated DKA for organizing the competition.

Maria M Monteiro of Cortalim bagged the first prize of Rs 5000 in the final round of the Konknni Reading Competition which was held under DKA’s ‘Obheas Yatra’ project. Fatima Fernandes of Penha de Franca received the second prize of Rs 4000 and Ancy Gonsalves from Majorda picked up the third prize of Rs 3000. Two consolation prizes of Rs 1000 each went to Josephine De Souza of Penha de Franca and Sandra Carvalho of Ribandar. Apart from cash prizes, the winners also received certificates and mementoes.

The jury consisted of Konkani writers Willy Goes, Anselmo Fernandes and Mathew de Souza.

Earlier in his welcome address, DKA president Premanand A Lotlikar said that prior to the final round, the competition was held in 10 different centres of Goa and a total number of about 280 participants took part in the same. The cumulative effect was that anywhere between1500 to 2000 persons had read the books of different Konkani writers on account of the competition and this was a big achievement, he added.