Doggies day out


Janice Rodrigues | NT BUZZ


Letting go of her lucrative management career after she moved from Ahmadabad to Goa Piyali Chatterjee thought of doing something unconventional. She had an undying love for animals and she decided to put this to use. “When I came to Goa I saw that there were many pedigree dogs and cats around. But I also noticed that they were not very well cared for,” she points out.

The plight of pets in the state gave her the idea of setting up a salon for pets, as she believes that much as diet and vaccinations is important, so is grooming. She took a course in Bangalore under a prominent pet stylist Yashodhara Hemchandra. Armed with the skills acquired, she set up shop in Porvorim under the banner of ‘Glampetz’. “Grooming of a pet is about cleaning and maintaining the hygiene. Different breeds have different grooming needs and not everyone knows the technique of how to groom their pets,” says Piyali.

Goa’s high level of salinity and very humid climate adds to the plight of most breed dogs that are not suited to the weather. “The climate aggravates the problems of fungus, ticks, bacteria and fleas,” says Piyali. She maintains that breeds like pugs, Labradors and German shepherds, which are found commonly in the state, are in actuality not suited to the Goan weather and tend to develop fungal infections and hair fall if they are not groomed well. Very often dogs have to be shaved off as they have bacterial infection, but the root cause of the infection itself is rarely addressed.

Setting up in October last year, Piyali has had a lot of pets as clients, some of which have been brought to her with very severe fungal infections. Piyali narrates the case of one cat named Angel. “When Angel was brought to me, she was in a very bad condition. She had a fungal infection because of which her fur was falling off. I had to give her an intense anti-fungal treatment, the treatment for which went on for one and half month,” she said. Rinshin, a shih tzu, was another case that was brought to her with a terrible fur condition. He was cured within a few weeks of intensive treatment. “I believe not only in beautification of the pet but also addressing the root causes of the problems,” she adds.

The treatments she offers include hydro bath, aromatherapy, treatment for all types of skin problems, tick and flea treatment, dematting and detangling, spa and massage, hair trimming, nail maintenance, furminator treatment, eye care, ear care and oral care, among others. According to Piyali, giving the pet a bath at home is not such a good idea, as the pet ‘parents’ don’t know the technique. “They will give a bath using a water hose and apply shampoo and then wash it off. They don’t do it right, and they don’t dry the pet well which leads to fungal infections,” she explains. She also explains that if a pet is bathed by a professional using the right products, you wouldn’t need to bathe them for the next whole month. “It is ideal if you bring a pet to a professional before any infection sets in; true to the adage prevention is better than cure,” she says.

She stresses that it’s not only the exterior grooming of your pet that needs your attention, but also what they consume is extremely important. “The diet supplemented with tonics is also of great importance,” she says. Dogs are often fed dry food or plain curry pieces (chicken), which is not the ideal diet according to Piyali. “Home cooked food is ideal. Fresh chicken mixed with lots of vegetables, rice is the best meal for a dog. Also add a little of turmeric while cooking as it acts as an anti-bacterial, working from inside the body,” she says.