Shaking a leg with Supermom: Cecille Rodrigues



Dempo House which normally wears a deserted look on a Sunday was abuzz with a flurry of activity on August 30, as children and parents rushed to register for the dance workshop organised by The Navhind Times Planet J. Conducted by Dance India Dance, Supermom, Cecille Rodrigues, the three-hour workshop was open to the age group of 8 to 13 and parents too were invited to participate, which they did most enthusiastically! Aimed at giving participants a few tips on dancing and allowing parents and children to bond in a fun way, the workshop was attended by 70 children and some very eager parents.

Cecille was her usual bubbly and charming self and brought with her not just a very positive but infectious energy as well which had the crowd following every word and step closely. The workshop commenced with an introduction by Cecille to what she had planned for the session and was followed by a warm-up. The children of course needed no encouragement to get on the floor but some parents were initially hesitant. However seeing the amount of fun those on the floor were having, they couldn’t resist and by the end of the workshop almost every parent had joined in. The workshop saw a full house with even children as young as five taking part along with their sibling and parents.

After the warm-up, Cecille spoke about musicality and stressed on the need to feel the music and listen to the tempo before beginning any dance routine. This was followed by a session on salsa basics. Once Cecille had ascertained that most of the participants had got it right, she jumped right into the salsa routine. The Latin music got everyone into the groove and one could feel the excitement and rush as the young and old all sashayed according to the beat.

Rock and roll and free style were also covered in the workshop which seemed to end too quickly for everyone present. Cecille, however, took the time to interact with the children and adults present. She patiently posed for pictures with them and answered queries. To say the workshop was a blast would be a fair summation of the fantastic time everyone had!


The dance workshop was a brilliant idea and was conducted very artistically. It was of great help and I hope to see many more workshops.

—Devdatta Solapurkar, parent


—Ibtisam Sheikh, King’s School, Margao

It was excellent. I never thought I could dance but with Cecille’s instructions it all seemed so easy. We danced without care and forgot our age. It was superb.

—Sharmaila Ghosh, parent

It was fun and interactive and having our parents join us was really a great experience.

—Shrinjan Ghosh,

Sharada Mandir, Miramar

I enjoyed the workshop and the best part was that my mamma was also with me. Thank you Navhind Times.

—Siya Malhotra,

Sharada Mandir, Miramar

A very nice initiative of The Navhind Times. I really enjoyed dancing especially with the children and adults together. Thank you.

—Katrina Banaulikar, parent

Thanks Navhind Times and Cecille for a brilliant workshop that kept us alive for three hours. Best time with my daughter on a Sunday.

—Mani Malhotra, parent

I loved the workshop a lot. I always wanted to meet Cecille and I met her today. I am never going to forget this workshop. I really really had fun.

—KN Chaitrali, People’s High School, Mala

The workshop was awesome and I loved it loads and loads. Cecille was too good and had so much of energy. Wow! Thank you Navhind Times.

—Tanisha Gudigar,

Kendriya Vidyalaya, INS Mandovi

It was fun.

—Geeta Singh,

Sunshine Worldwide School, Old Goa

I have danced after 18 years and enjoyed a lot.

—Sumeeta Kulkarni, parent

Cecille is my favourite dancer and it was fun dancing with her. She is also an inspiration to all moms. Thanks Navhind Times.

—Shriya Tarcar,

Mushtifund High School, Panaji

The workshop was awesome and I enjoyed a lot.


Our Lady of the Rosary, Dona Paula

Fun, fun and fun.

—Komal Manglorekar,

People’s High School, Mala

It was wonderful doing Salsa, rock and roll and free style with Cecille.

—Sarah Gayle Fernandes,

Bhatikar High School, Margao

I had an amazing time and didn’t even realise that three hours had passed. Thanks for this opportunity for dance lovers to get together and dance.

—Aayushi Pai Kane,

Sharada Mandir, Miramar

Had an amazing time and time really flew!

—Sacchi Pai Kane,

Sunshine Worldwide School, Old Goa

A mind-blowing workshop. Thank you Planet J for this opportunity.

—Richa Kartik,

Holy Family High School, Porvorim

Superb learning experience!

—Vikas Sharma, parent

The last time I danced was twelve years ago on the day of my wedding and today I had so much fun and relaxed after a long time.

—Roopa Bawachikar, parent

I finally learnt about beats to a song. We all had a great time.

—Radha Eklahare,

Sunshine Worldwide School, Old Goa

A very lively and energetic workshop and enjoyed every single moment of it.

—Bella Azavedo, parent

The workshop was fantabulous (fantastic and fabulous). Very well conducted and organised. For a person who danced for the first time, it was fun.

—Shoma Keny, parent