Salvador do Mundo residents call for action on littering by outsiders


SALVADOR DO MUNDO: Garbage issue rocked the Salvador do Mundo village gram sabha on Sunday. The residents pointed out that garbage was being disposed of in the village along the riverside and fields by outsiders and that it is a matter of serious concern.They said that the panchayat would have to act in this regard so that the garbage problem does not become a menace in the village. They also said that the youngsters from other areas who sit along the river side at night time were also leaving behind thrash and empty beer bottles.

They also pointed out that night police patrolling in the village was lax and needed to be heightened especially in view of the visits of youngsters from various places to hangout along the ‘patto’ stretch, adding that along the same stretch the streetlights also have been damaged to avoid illumination.

Further, they suggested that door-to-door garbage collection be started in the village and bins be kept at designated spots to avoid littering.

Sarpanch Sandeep Salgaonkar, however, informed the gram sabha that from next month door-to-door garbage collection would be undertaken.  Regarding police patrolling, he said the panchayat will write to the North SP requesting to deploy police on night patrolling duty.

The sarpanch also pointed out that every time the streetlights are repaired by the panchayat unknown persons damage the fixtures and this causes loss to the panchayat.

A villager Mark Pinto raised the issue of work on the bund carried out by irrigation department. He said that a three-meter concrete wall has been constructed along the river front and sought to know what its intention was in doing so. Have they informed the village panchayat, he asked.

He said the panchayat should not be kept in the dark about the works that are being taken up in the village.

Sarpanch Sandeep informed the gram sabha that it is a serious issue that panchayat was not aware of the concrete wall that is being constructed along the river front and called for an inspection on Monday  to look into the matter.

The villagers also raised the issue of a water pipeline and said that it needs to be shifted from the middle of the road before the road is hot-mixed carpeted at Kadamba depot.

The sarpanch assured the villagers that the panchayat would write to the water department to look into the matter so that in future such problem does not occur.

The villagers also expressed the need for having a grievance meeting with the local MLA. They said there were many issues that need to be discussed and that officials of different departments should also be present for such meeting.

The sarpanch assured the gram sabha that he would request the MLA to have such a meeting alongwith officials and villagers, but this would be done only after the assembly session.

Some locals pointed out that pruning of trees should be taken up in December and not in the rainy season and that widening of the patto road also needs to be done.

Villagers even questioned the panchayat as to why a three-meter wide footpath was required at the main patto which has turned into a hotspot for youngsters at night time.