Traffic disciplined at Margao collectorate


MARGAO:  In order to prevent confusion over parking at the entry and exist points  of  the South Goa Collectorate  building, the collectorate office has effected certain changes in the traffic flow to the complex.  

“We have made certain changes, the gate, which was earlier used as exist point, is now serving as an entry point and the entry gate near the KFC, serves as an exist point.  The decision is taken by the  district magistrate for effecting traffic discipline,’’ said the  Deputy Collector Ajit  Panchwadkar.

The traffic police were seen guiding the visitors following the order of the District Collector on Thursday.

“There used to be a  confusion at the turn, near the  Tato’s  Hotel due to the  traffic arriving from three  directions, and  it had been an accident prone zone,’’ said a  visitor, adding that the changes would bring in discipline.

The  traffic police in the past had urged the  District Magistrate  to interchange the exist and entry points, following the  haphazard

parking at the entrance on the concrete approach road.