‘My Days in Journalism’ released



My Days in Journalism’, the 130-page book written by Ervell E Menezes, a well-known Goan journalist, who initially worked with Indian Express and then as a freelancer scribe during past 50 years, was recently released at a small but impressive city function, by the noted cardiologist, Dr Francisco Colaço. The forensic medicine expert, Dr Silvano Dias Sapeco and the director of municipal administration, Elvis Gomes were also present on the occasion. The book release event was attended by people who mattered most to the author, his friends, well-wishers, fans, close relatives and journalist. Dr Colaço, speaking on the occasion said that Ervell belongs to a rare breed of journalists, and did not compromise his values while performing duty. He also expressed concern about the safety and lives of the journalists all over the world today, further coming out with his apprehension about the possibility of democracy in the country turning to autocracy. The author in his brief speech thanked his readers, who over the decades appreciated his work. The book, written in a lucid manner, is a compilation of memoirs that touches on various topics right from films to the days of National Emergency.