Communicating through art



‘A picture speaks a thousand words,’ goes a saying that Pune based Aparna Deshpande seems to have proved absolutely right.

Hearing impaired and mute, Aparna communicates through her paintings. With an exhibition of her art works currently on at the Kala Academy, Goa, she intends to strike a chord with the audience here.

Beginning at a very young age, with limited scope for communication in a regular way, Aparna began to immerse in the world of colours that threw up enchanting visual stories.

Various hues played pivotal role in shaping her dreams and blooming her personality. Supportive parents –Kalpana and D P Nerkar – identified her innate talent, at a very young age, and encouraged her to explore and experiment. Soon after completing her regular schooling, Aparna pursued a diploma course in interior designing and decoration from the noted L S Raheja College, Mumbai.

All along, she practiced painting on various surfaces and played with Japanese papers in creating pop-up greeting cards by employing various permutations and combinations. Comfortable with oils, acrylics, watercolours etc, Aparna finds her paintings to be the manifestations of her inner core and an expression of collective experience.

Her paintings, at times, are projections of the unique feelings stored and imprinted in her heart.

“God has infused Aparna with immense ability to speak through her paintings,” says celebrated cartoonist Mangesh Tendulkar. “The almighty has shut one door but opened a vast roof of aesthetics and creative talent to manifest and spread joy.”

Effervescent and enthusiastic Aparna paints to spread affirmative message in this world that increasingly is turning pessimistic and violent. Drawing inspiration from any source that captivates her, Aparna has a huge collection of paintings created using her childhood favourite cartoon characters such as Tintin, Tom & Jerry and others. Developing independent background and juxtaposing relevant forms, she adds a new character to these famous cartoon characters.

Her creative paintings and photo realistic pictures stand out for their sheer size and quality. ‘Mount Kailash’ is a fine example in displaying her draftsmanship. Aparna orchestrate multiple figures and forms, on the canvas, to give birth to another larger form. Fisher folks pose against the shore with a canoe for company, only to transform into a smiling and content face.

Another one has similar arrangements with dancers mutating into a face of a Kathakali dancer. Aparna has gone beyond visual art to pursue dance, for a short period, under renowned dancer late Gopi Krishna.

With the support of her architect husband, Ashish and every encouraging in-laws, Aparna has come a long way to hold several solo shows in Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi besides a very successful one in London. Notable shows were at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai; Bal Gandharv Rangmandir, Pune; Kamal Nayan Bajaj Hall, Mumbai; All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society, New Delhi and Sign Community, BDA, London.

Earning many accolades, she was recently awarded Bal Gandharv Puraskar 2014 and Suvarna Ratna Puraskar 2015.


(The show will be inaugurated on February 13 in the presence of noted cartoonist Mangesh Tendulkar, among others. The current show has over hundred works on display and will be on view till February 15.)