‘Medical infrastructure can be improved in Goa’


At a time when doctors in general are not willing to travel to interiors, Dr Anusuya Dhulapkar comes as a breath of fresh air. The lady runs a 20-bed hospital with all specialty services. The hospital has on board surgeons, physiotherapists, gynecologists and in all about eight to ten doctors. She says a hospital is not like other business venture because of its social and lifesaving purpose
After how many years of practice did you decide to start a hospital and why?
After practicing as a GP for 10 years, I decided to start a hospital to provide more services to my patients who believed and trusted in me. I believe that my patients have made me what I am today. The hospital is a form of gratitude for their trust in me. It is located in Corlim Industrial Estate. Initially, I started in a small way until it steadily grew to its present size.
Is it professionally challenging being the head of a hospital?
It is not about being just the head of hospital. It is about taking more responsibilities to provide better services and also about respecting and encouraging patients, staff and fellow doctors
Is it professionally paying owning a hospital versus being in employment?
Definitely, it pays more than being in employment. But with the payoff comes the responsibility of running the place, keeping staff, maintenance and all the logistics hassles of keeping the hospital running.
Your toughest task in setting up the place?
Getting NOC from government departments and maintaining it to their satisfaction. I started in a small way without any proper infrastructure. So it was a big challenge to change and transform services to a full-fledged hospital.
Have you achieved all your goals? If not what remains to be done?
I am in a process of achieving my goals which is to provide villagers with primary health services. Earlier in my practice I travelled to villages of Amona and Divar and always wanted to work in the rural and interior areas. The present location of my hospital is near villages so I am achieving my goal to some extent. However, I plan to start sub-centres in nearby villages and give medical aid to as many people I can.
Your best business moment.
My best business moment is probably when I actually inaugurated the hospital 10 years back. But blessings from patients is what I consider the best part of my profession.
Has overall healthcare scenario in Goa changed for better over the years?
It has changed a lot but is the change for better? Facilities have improved tremendously but whether all changes are positive is debatable. This is because the medical field is become too commercialised.
State one aspect in healthcare that has not improved at all?
Professional approach towards our fellow colleagues is still missing. Medical infrastructure can still be improved. And life saving should be considered on priority.
What changes would you like to see in the business as well as social environment?
Respect for each individual and to value every life we treat irrespective of their social status
If not in the medical profession what would you have chosen as profession?
I love being with people so I would have been a teacher or a professor. Teaching pupils how to be better human being would have been my aim.


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