Newly ordained bishop Fr Theodore Mascarenhas goes back to school


Newly ordained bishop Fr Theodore Mascarenhas visited his alma mater Saviour of the World School on September 15. The bishop was welcomed by school head Noreen Dias along with the school manager Fr Boulais Da Costa and other staff members.
The program began with a welcome song followed by the release of the wallpaper based on the theme ‘Shades of Science’ by the Science Club. The students also enacted a small poem on trees. Lastly, a medley of corridinho, dekhni and kotti dances was performed.
In his address to the students, Fr Mascarenhas said, “Your future is in your hands. Make the best use of it so that you shine in society.” He also stated that no school is small. Every school is different in itself. “You can grow into a great person even by studying in a village school”, he said.
After the program His Excellency was led to the school’s re-furnished parlour, which he then blessed and inaugurated.
In his address to school teachers, the bishop said, “Teaching is not a profession, but a vocation.” He urged teachers to consider all students as their children and with this in mind provide the right education. “How you portray yourself is what students will see and learn from. So try to be the role model who brings a productive change in the life of a child. It is only then that one can say one has prospered as a teacher.”


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