Footwear: How to wear what


By Meher Castelino
How you wear your shoes and which ones you choose will make you look glamorous or otherwise. It is important to first see what you are wearing when it comes to garments and then decide on footwear. It is also important to check your body size and shape because certain types of foot wear can make a person look short or tall or even heavy around the legs.
These are the safest since they suit all body types, but ensure that they are worn with the right garments. They don’t look very good with saris or salwars. They are fine for trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses. Make sure that they are not too chunky or it will make the legs and the walk look very graceless.
Now this is a difficult style to carry off and should be worn by women with very thin ankles as well as long legs as the ankle straps give the illusion of extra weight and cut down on the height of the person. Also they look good when worn with minis or shorts when more leg is visible
The platforms have a thick wide instep but could have thin heels. This is not a very flattering style for many especially those who are short, although this style adds height to the figure. Wear it under a sari or a lehenga when they are not too visible but are great for added height.
This style is very popular and can be worn by nearly everyone since it is quite comfortable and elegant. But don’t wear it with jeans as it is a formal look and needs a gown or a cocktail dress to give it the right appeal.
These are closed toe shoes and can be treated just like the peep toes and worn also with the same kind of garments.
This style of shoes is the best as they suit everybody. They would be flat or have a slight heel but they are ideal for both formal and casual wear depending on the colour and the material they are made of.
This style is once again for very long slim legs and not for short ones as the shoes go all the way up to the knees. They look good with minis and shorts or with garments with long slits where the legs are visible.


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