CCP revokes termination of five supervisors


PANAJI: The Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) employees called off their strike after the Mayor Surendra Furtado and workers’ union leader Ajit Singh Rane announced revocation of five terminated senior supervisors on Thursday evening.
Addressing a joint meeting, Furtado said that he was silent for the last three months after the commissioner terminated five staffers without anybody’s knowledge.
He said that “the union leader Ajit Singh Rane approached them and gave a notice as per the rule about the strike,” adding “how the commissioner could proceed on leave when the burning issue of CCP workers’ strike was
After a meeting by CCP union leader Rane, newly-appointed commissioner Elvis Gomes and Furtado, on Thursday, the termination order of five senior workers was revoked.
The five workers were terminated from service on June 5, citing the reason of surplus staff.


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