Bardez paddy farmers fear loss due to rain shortfall


MAPUSA: The recent dry spell in the state has resulted in a huge loss to farmers in Bardez, as over 200 hectares of paddy cultivation area has been damaged.
According to information given by Bardez Zonal Agricultural Officer D Paranjape, it is learnt that when rains arrived in June it brought a big relief to farmers in Goa particularly in Bardez, but the subsequent dry spell had spelled a doom on their farm lands.
“With the first rains the farmers had taken up raising a nursery and ‘broadcasting’ method of paddy cultivation  but the dry spell in the month of June has inflicted heavy losses” Paranjape said.
He informed that in many places there are instances of farmers watering their fields with tankers as they could not afford to wait for the rains.
However, he said with monsoons picking up in July there are favourable chances for SRI type of paddy cultivation in which the nursery is raised within 14 days or else the broadcasting method will be used.
“Now there is no time to go in for traditional transplanting as we are already entering mid-July. Hence we are left with only two options for paddy cultivation either the SRI method or broadcasting method” he informed.
Stating that the officials in the agriculture department were keeping their fingers crossed on the present monsoon scenario Paranjape hoped that the dry spell in between would be compensated by a delayed monsoon which should stretch upto November to benefit the farming activity as rainfall deficiency would mean a bad sign for agricultural activity this year.


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