Climate change: India to play proactive role


NEW DELHI: Ahead of the UN Climate Change conference, India on Tuesday said it will play a proactive role to battle global warming but it expected the developed world to “walk the talk” on this crucial issue.
Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar, who discussed climate change issues with visiting French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, also said he “welcomed” France’s announcement of one billion Euro credit line over next three years to India to take initiatives in climate control. France will host the World Climate Conference next year.
“We emphasised that India will play a proactive role because climate change is real and we have decided on our national action plan. We will strengthen it further. But we expect the developed world to walk the talk,” Javadekar told PTI.
Javadekar said the developed world must give finances and ensure technology transfer to developing countries.
“I had already suggested at the Nairobi platform and that was well received that technology transfer can happen if the Green Fund, which is supposed to be given by the developed world, can be used for IPR purchases of critical technologies.
“If those critical technologies are purchased by that fund, the technology will be available free of cost and then every country will have its own plan. That idea is well received by the world and I also emphasised that (during the meeting with France Foreign Minister),” Javadekar said.
Fabius, meanwhile, urged nations to reach an agreement to limit global warming to an average global temperature increase to below two degrees Celsius when they meet in Paris.
He described climate change as a “climate disaster” and said objective of the 2015 Paris Climate Conference is “crucial” as the temperature could increase by five degrees Celsius by 2100.
“The objective is crucial….To reach a global climate agreement that will involve all countries in an effort to limit global warming under 2 degrees Celsius and provide vulnerable countries with means to adapt to ongoing climate destruction,” Fabius said.
He was addressing the conference on “Sustainable Growth in Response to Climate Change: Indo-French Perspective” jointly organised by Confederation of Indian Industries, TERI and Embassy of France.


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