Kiran Reddy had no option but to resign, says Shinde

NEW DELHI: Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde Wednesday said Kiran Kumar Reddy was opposed to the division of Andhra Pradesh and was left with no other option but to resign as Chief Minister after the Centre’s decision to split the state.

“A decision to create the state of Telangana by dividing Andhra has been taken. He was opposed to it. What other option did he have?” Shinde said.
Reddy today quit the Congress and resigned as Chief Minister and MLA, a day after the Lok Sabha passed the Telangana bill.
He had been relentlessly opposing the Centre’s decision to carve out a separate state of Telangana.
Union Minister M Pallam Raju said Reddy had led the state in trying times and it is unfortunate that he had to resign.
“It is very sad because he has been the most able Chief Minister in the most trying of times,” he said.
Ever since Reddy became the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh there were many difficulties which Reddy handled well, he noted.
“It is a very wrong precedent and I just hope that things like these will not happen in the future,” Raju said, adding the “manner in which an important bill had been passed in the Lok Sabha with the connivance of two national parties had set a very unfortunate precedent.”
Raju hoped that some of the “shortcomings” of the bill will be rectified in the Rajya Sabha.


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