No Export of Democracy


The violence in Afghanistan following the US President, Mr Barack Obama’s visit was hardly surprising. Probably, it was Mr Obama’s intention to send out a message to the Al Qaeda that the US feels triumphant about the success of their military tactics in breaking the back of the Al Qaeda, and the US must have anticipated a reaction.

There can hardly be any dispute about America’s triumph: US forces have dealt heavy blows at the Al Qaeda, the greatest being the killing of its leader Osama bin Laden. Despite heavy losses on their side, the US forces have been able to besiege and demolish many of the Al Qaeda fortresses. However, the political question that arises with US military triumph is no less important. Does the US really think it can fight democracy’s war in Afghanistan? The answer is a clear no. The US may fly troops and military equipment to Afghanistan but it would be foolish for it to think it can export democracy to the country. The final battle the Afghan democracy has to fight with the Al Qaeda has to be fought by the Afghan people, not by American politicians or soldiers. Let the US now leave Afghanistan to herself. Even more so, if they think the Al Qaeda’s end has nearly come.     


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