10 Reasons Why Women Love Shopping


By Munifa Abbasi Mulla

When the shopping malls invite them with their open arms, they don’t let them down. Women love to shop and the shops love them in return. Be it cosmetics, groceries, lifestyle products, when they drop into the shops, they shop till they drop.

Online shopping, window shopping or the actual shopping, women are synonymous with shopping. Whether alone, or with a friend in tow, women and shopping go hand in hand. A perfect chemistry! A perfect love story. Here are some of the obvious, bizarre, annoying, silly, funny reasons why women love shopping.


We love to doll up:

It’s a well known universal fact that outfits, footwear, eye wears, belts, jewelleries, bags, skincare and make up products, anything and everything that raises our style quotient deserves a place in our shopping list. Buying one item on the list automatically paves a way for the rest of items in our shopping cart. Buying a new stylish clutch to match our new purple hued evening gown is inevitable you see. After all, it is our spouses that we love to groom for if we are committed (irrespective of whether they compliment us or not), for that cute guy if we are yet to get committed, and for ourselves if we are in no mood to get committed. By the way, sporting that trendy kurti akin to what Kareena Kapoor  flaunted in the movie Bodyguard is just one out of the many other attempts we make to surpass our ex’s new girlfriend.


We are feeling happy:

Whether receiving an increment at work, or that long awaited compliment from our “difficult-to-please- mother -in –law”, we simply love to multiply our joy by indulging in a shopping spree. And hey! Don’t worry, a bad fever or a bad weather won’t bog down our shopping plans. You see, we women are genetically apt at finding alternatives. God bless those IT guys who brought in the concept of online shopping!


We are feeling low:

Amongst all the therapies available to combat depression, the retail therapy wins hands down. However ironic it may sound, the shopping bags dangling from our shoulders outweigh our migraines and all the other kind of headaches, some real, some fakes ones. When we lift those shopping bags, our spirits are lifted even higher. Our stressed minds are rejuvenated and we get that awesome feeling, you know the kind a chocolate lover would feel when he dives in a chocolate pool. So husbands beware, next time you annoy your wives, you know what she will do with your wallet.


It is our favourite pastime:

There are just 3 meals to be cooked in a day. Somehow we need to fill the rest of the day. Window shopping also comes to our rescue when we have ample free time at hand. Scrutinising for hours the items we don’t need or researching on the products we don’t guarantee a purchase on is a great way to kill him.


Better money management:

As dutiful wives, we make sure that our husband’s hard earned money is well (over) spent. Shopping is one of the productive activities we do which leaves our husbands with no money to splurge on his non-productive hobbies like clubbing, casinos, betting and watching live cricket match at a stadium.


The weight loss tamasha

Weight loss? Weight gain? One common answer – Shopping! We love to reward ourselves after losing those 2 Kgs. But buying that little black dress 3 sizes smaller will remind us that we need to fit into it and help us in losing more weight. And don’t you think lifting those shopping bags, and hunting through every aisle of a supermarket is a fun way to burn calories?


Festivals, special occasion etc:

Festivals, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, special occasions, not-so-special occasions that are creatively made to seem special, and that oh-so-sentimental day when our little  puppy was born. Actually, two occasions for our puppy, the day he was born and the day he was gifted to us by our mothers. So won’t he look adorable on his birthday in that little dog shirt hanging at the pet store?


Sale and discounts offers:

Sale going on? Wow! Discount offers? Awesome! How can we do injustice to these offers? We don’t mind sorting through heaps of shoes piled up together or searching through those racks of bath towel for that one greenish blue coloured towel that will match the colour theme of our bathrooms. Who knows we might just manage to catch a good bargain.


Beat our competitors:

How can we resist the temptation to redo our living room after catching the glimpse of those new curtains of our neighbour’s window? We also feel the need to add more inches to our height when a co-worker walks in to our office with a new pair of stilettos. Whether it is that sleek digital photo frame sitting in our cousin’s bedroom or that stylish candle stand proudly grinning at us at a friend’s dinner party, we want it because someone else has it.


Being a woman

Being a woman itself qualifies as a reason for shopping! As the shopaholics that we are, we never fail to live up to our names. So ladies, while I wind up with my article, don’t forget to get back to your daily ritual of scanning for shopping ads. The next shopping festival may be just around the corner. Happy shopping!


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