Don’t bring judiciary to disrepute for few erring judges, says CJI


NEW DELHI: The Chief Justice of India, Mr Justice S H Kapadia Saturday said the entire judicial system cannot be brought to disrepute because of few erring judges.

“We do not mind studied and fair criticism but attempt should not be made to generalise the wrong doings by few,” Mr Justice Kapadia said on the occasion of the Law Day celebration here.
The CJI said anybody coming out with allegations against any member of the judiciary should keep in mind that they have solid material to back it instead of painting everyone with the same brush.
“If you feel that a judge is corrupt, then take a stand and name him in public and tell the Chief Justice instead of making a generalisation. But do not put all judges in one basket. Do not bring the entire judiciary in disrepute. Please do not dismantle the established system and institution unless and until you have something better to offer,” he further said.
Mr Justice Kapadia stressed the need for uplifting the integrity, excellence and competence of the judiciary, saying this would enable them to maintain the confidence and trust of the people.
“People have faith in judges and because of the wisdom of judges they rely in judiciary,” he said, adding the integrity of the judges is more important than the accountability.
“If judges are of integrity, they will not worry on accountability and the Judicial Accountability Bill,” he said.
He said judicial independence is the most important aspect of the rule of the law and for that “we need public confidence and public trust”.
The CJI said awareness of rights have gone up and the nature of litigations, particularly the PILs, have undergone complete change which required a careful handling as the consequences of the judicial orders have far reaching consequences.


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