US envoy Roemer resigns for family commitments


NEW DELHI: US Ambassador, Mr Timothy Roemer Thursday announced his resignation from the key diplomatic post citing personal commitments.

Fifty four-year-old Mr Roemer, a political appointee, said he has accomplished all of the strategic objectives set two years ago and he wants to go back home to look after his family.
Mr Roemer, who was nominated by US President Mr Barack Obama in May 2009, is expected to leave by June. “Ambassador Roemer’s departure is for personal, professional and family considerations,” the US embassy said in a statement here.
“When I accepted the job two years ago, I told President Barack Obama that I will serve for two years, but that family considerations would be the front and centre after that,” Mr Roemer said.
He said that the US-India relationship is on a “positive historic trajectory” towards a global partnership. “The horizons of our relationship truly knows no limits,” he said. The US envoy said his two sons will be leaving for college in the next 14 months and he would like his parents and in-laws to spend more time with his children.
Noting that he came as a diplomat and was leaving feeling part of a family, he said, “For me and for my entire family the two years have been a time of incredible experiences, warm friendship, meaningful partnership.”
Meanwhile, with its fighters losing out in the bid for India’s multi-billion dollar deal, the US Thursday said it was “deeply disappointed” over it but was “respectful” of the procurement process.
In a statement here, Mr Roemer said he had been assured at the highest levels in the Indian government that the procurement process for the fighters “has been and will be transparent and fair.” He said the US looked forward to continuing to grow and develop defence partnership with India.
“The US Embassy in New Delhi was informed yesterday that two aircraft offered by the US government through the Foreign Military sales process were not selected for procurement by the Indian Ministry of Defence,” the statement said. “We are reviewing the documents received from the government of India and are respectful of the procurement process. We are, however, deeply disappointed by this news,” Mr Roemer said.


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