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Police officials on Sunday inspect the house where the birthday party was hosted.

2 youths found dead after birthday party at Curtorim


MARGAO: Two youths were found dead on Sunday after they attended a birthday party of a friend on Saturday at Maina-Curtorim.

The police have not ruled out possibility of the deaths occurring due to drug overdose.

The Maina-Curtorim police disclosed names of the two youths as Rodson  Monteiro (26) from Padribhat,  Curtorim, and Paraj Raiker (27) from Comba, Margao.

Raiker had recently joined the public works department as a supervisor, while Monteiro worked for a five-star hotel based in coastal Salcete.

The birthday party was hosted by Eleston de Mello at his residence at Maina, which was attended by over 15 close friends.

De Mello’s mother is away in Australia and he is living alone in the house.

The party began on Saturday afternoon and went on till late night.  Liquor and  eatables  were brought in, the police said.

Most of the youngsters, including Raiker and Monteiro, spent the night in  Eleston’s house.

On Sunday morning, the youngsters got up except Raiker and Monteiro. They tried to awaken Raiker and Monteiro, but in vain. Water was splashed on their faces and bodies, but both did not respond.

Subsequently, they were rushed to the Hospicio Hospital, Margao. However, the doctor on duty pronounced them dead.

The dead bodies have been kept in the Hospicio Hospital for postmortem, which will be conducted on Monday, said the police.

Police during a search at the house seized cigarettes and other materials, but  said that so far nothing  suspicious has come to light.

The cigarettes and other materials seized will be sent to the Hyderabad forensic laboratory for examination.

The case has been registered as unnatural deaths.

The police will take further action factoring in postmortem report.

Police on Sunday evening summoned the youngsters, who had attended the birthday party, and quizzed them to find out if there had been any foul play.

Police said that some statements have been recorded.

A senior police officer said that the two were found dead in a ‘mysterious circumstance’, adding that the case would be clearer after postmortem was conducted on the bodies.

Reacting to the deaths of the two youths, local MLA Alexio Reginaldo Lourenco  said, “I had complained to the police about  drug menace. They (police) disclosed this to the youths involved in drugs consumption….”

Lourenco called for a thorough police probe into the case.

He said the state Home Minister should look into sources of the drugs.

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