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15-yr-old student ends life

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A school student, aged 15, allegedly committed suicide at his residence in Ekoshi-Pomburpa on Wednesday night.

Porvorim police have registered a case of unnatural death and further investigation is in progress. Police said that the exact reason for the suicide was not known.  Meanwhile, reacting to the allegations that the student ended his life as he was unable to attend online classes in the absence of a smartphone, Secretary Education Nila Mohanan on Friday said that there was a need for parents to do introspection over how children are being raised.

“If this (absence of a smartphone) can be a cause of suicide then we have some serious introspection to do as to how our children are being brought up and how we are giving support to our children. I don’t think there is anything related to the working of education department,” Mohanan said, while addressing a press conference in Panaji.  She however said that director of education has claimed that the particular student had a smartphone with him.  

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