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1 killed, one serious, 8 injured after tanker hits 8 vehicles at Chimbel junction

The government will look into any lapses on part of line departments including the PWD in a bid to ensure that accidents on highways and major roads are curbed. On the Chimbel stretch that killed one occupant of a car. The other is serious in GMC. 8 more are injured. The driver of the tanker has been arrested and booked.

After Thursday accident concerned people, police and administration held a meeting to find first short term and then long term to this problem.

A joint inspection has been kept for Friday morning after the meeting the deputy collector H P Vivek told Goa 365. On the long term issues, lots of letters have been written by line staff to the PWD over such line staff including the junction at Chimbel. But no action has been taken by the PWD citing technical difficulties.

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