Tuesday , 21 May 2019

Zuari Bridge Giving Commuters The Jitters


Why does the government take so much pleasure in driving the public up the walls with its atrocious plans only to revert back to simpler solutions to problems at hand after being made aware of its follies! When the 18-kilometer long traffic detour via Chicalim planned earlier to facilitate the on-going work of the Cortalim stretch of the new Zuari Bridge was giving commuters the jitters, the PWD Minister in all magnanimity alleys the fears with an announcement that a minor diversion of 2.5km near the site has resolved the issue for the travelling public. A two-lane service road will now be readied parallel to the railway track at Cortalim and only after it becomes operational will the traffic on the Panaji-Margao route be diverted. Should the commuting public be heaping praises on the Minister for his foresight or does the government deserve to be censured for the lack of forethought in addressing situations causing distress to the general public on the face of the monumental development works in progress! By dropping a bombshell about the route re-alignment, the government also earned the wrath of Vascoites who were very explicit in voicing their apprehensions over such a ‘disastrous’ planning. And to believe that the news about the diversion held the attention of the entire state for weeks at a stretch only to have the Minister have a sudden change of heart to make minor adjustments on the route so as not to put the commuting public to any further anguish! Frankly speaking, all this reads like a big sham. With no efforts being spared in congratulating itself for the conciliatory measures adopted in wriggling out of seemingly impossible situations, it is as if the government is persistently trying to model itself as a concerned entity working towards alleviating the problems of the people. But the fact remains that the confusion which prevails over the uncertainties that typify the present regime makes it impossible for any concrete decisions to be made.