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‘Zhadd’, the new tiatr from Michael Diniz is an interesting tale of a son’s quest for love, especially of the mother who deserted him at a very early age to seek riches and her own happiness.

The tiatr opens with a priest offering prayers before a Holy Cross. Chris, a young school boy is seated in the shadows with worry written all over his face. On asking, the priest realises that the child’s father Richard, who was supposed to pick him up from school has not come. As the priest comforts the boy, Daniel the police officer comes by looking for Richard. The man has been involved in a bank robbery and the watchman has been killed. Monica, the child’s mother comes to fetch the boy and accuses the husband of the same crime. Enter Richard who declares his innocence. But the crafty woman refuses to believe him as she is involved with the cop and the two are planning to wed. Leaving the child with the priest, Richard flees from the place. Cut to the next act! Monica and Daniel are celebrating their silver wedding anniversary and awaiting Elton, their son. He comes home with his good friend Chris. The commotion is about to begin. Chris recognises Monica while she has her doubts. The rest is to be watched on stage, as the story unfolds with some twists and finally repentance, but not before a huge price is paid.

Michael Diniz has written a fine script that keeps the audience guessing waiting for the next act. There is some good clean comedy, some good songs and fine acting from the chosen cast. Jessica plays Monica, the selfish and conniving wife and mother, in style. Roseferns for once does a great negative role of PI Daniel, soft spoken but quite evil. There is good interaction between the two. Anthony San is cast well as Richard, the helpless but loving dad. Anil Pednekar is great as Elton while Willie is the kind and tragic Chris. Cia does well as the love interest of the two. Joshua plays the little kid and Peter de Pedda makes an impressive and righteous priest. The comedy from Meena Goes, Jacob, Humbert and John D’Silva is clean and funny. Check the act when Humbert as a fake priest, makes catechetical queries with Jacob and later, John.

Anthony de Velim leads the band. The background score could have been more gentle. The opening song by Nerissa is good. There are other songs by Olga, Anil, Xavier, Benny and others. Solos by Rosario de Benaulim, the young Joshua and Cajetan de Sanvordem stand out. The tiatr is definitely worth watching. Go for it!

‘Padricho Sermanv Konnak’

‘Padricho Sermanv Konnak’, the new tiatr from Constatino Crasto is a nice story of an irresponsible mother and the repercussions on the family.

The play opens with a scene in the church. It is the Christening of Nash, the first born son of Malaika and Rego. Nelson who is Rego’s brother and his wife are the godparents. The priest gives a beautiful sermon advising the parents and others around. The next act depicts the two families. Rego is a builder and very rich while Nelson, who works as a driver for his brother is not so well off. Nash has grown into a fine teenager and has a sister, named Simran. The siblings seem to fight most of the time but that is natural. Their parents spend lavishly, especially Malaika who is always gambling in the casinos and drunk most of the time. Instead of advising her to change, the husband gives her even more money to spend. Nelson and his wife are looked down and treated very badly, even by the two children. But then one has to face the consequences, as the children go wayward!

The tiatr depicts some real life happenings. There are some good dialogues and acting. However the act comparing to Mary Magdalene from the Bible, does not seem to have any bearing on the story. The comedy has some very humorous moments. The setting is usual, Ratna’s light effects are timely and the scenes during the opening song are enacted well, especially the one of the fish. The cast has Roshan, loving and kind as the aunt, who has a soft corner for her godson. Antonette is apt as Malaika, in a boisterous act of the drunk. Meena is good as the teenage daughter, well dressed and always at loggerheads with Nash, played stylishly by Benzer. Pascoal does a fine act as the humble Nelson while Peter is great as the rich and flamboyant Rego. Cajetan Pereira is perfect in the cameo of a priest. Constantino and another, do some entries. In the comedy, Selvy is funny as the baker, Reza plays his smart daughter, and Agostinho is the friend. The pick is Sally, as the baker from Karwar. He is superb and extremely funny in every act, with a great dialogue delivery. He is supported well by Silvia, who plays his sister and has a problem with Konkani numbers.

The band has Selwyn and Theo, great on trumpets, Rahul packs punch in the bass, Jack is gentle and good on drums and Arif adds nice fillers on the keyboard. The opening song is rendered by Roma-Cajy- Antonette-Tony-Reza Benzer. There are other songs by Peter-Roshan, Master Vaz, Cajy, Pascoal, Silva and others. A solo by Xavier Gomes on trust, and a duet from Roma with Cajetan need special mention.

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