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‘Zannvayechi Zhor’ released


Konkani book ‘Zannvayechi Zhor’ by Bonaventure D’Pietro was recently released. Speaking at the launch of the book the chief guest, retired associate professor, Konkani Department, Goa University, Chandralekha de Souza said: “What remains in our memory after reading and experiencing the thoughts of the writer is important and with God’s gift of wisdom to us, it is important to remain positive in our lives,”

She went on to tell people that there is a need to do as many good deeds and not harm people. “If one cannot do any good it is better to fold our hands and remain silent. That should be our attitude in life. Let this wisdom prevail not only for Konkani, but also for all other Indian languages,” she stated.

It is insignificant whether the writer gets the Sahitya Academy award but is of great importance when the society takes cognisance and learns from the works of the writer, she further said. She also threw light on the life of Bonaventure, who is a multi-faceted personality. He wrote his first novel in 1958. He did not rest then but continued writing until today. He offers himself to different arrays of Konkani language. He however remains disgruntled for not getting due recognition for his work and contribution to the language.

Souza maintained that the diversity in Konkani writing should not be bane but a boon for the people of Goa. “When this happens, our language will be very strong. Or else we will be flow in different streams of life. How will Konkani endure then?” she asked.

Bonaventure, president, Dalgado Konknni Akademi, Tomazinho Cardozo, secretary, Vincy Quadros, treasurer, Celso Fernandes and editor of Konkani monthly magazine Gulab, Fausto V Da Costa shared the dais with the chief guest.

In his presidential address, Tomazinho Cardozo mentioned that the writer has written on 100 different topics in this book. Acknowledging that Bonaventure is a great novelist, Tomazinho lamented that the writer did not receive what was due to him. He said that such a writer deserves recognition and to be worthy of it, some of his literary works, especially a novel must be transliterated in Devnagri.

He further announced that Bonaventure is currently working his autobiography which DKA has resolved to release on his birthday, July 14.

Fausto V Da Costa who spoke on the occasion announced a cash prize of `2,000 to any person who can spot two errors in the writing.

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