Tuesday , 26 March 2019
Young minds at work
Teacher and student in a classroom at school.

Young minds at work

Today as we celebrate Teacher’s Day NT BUZZ interacts with teachers, young and new in the field of education, to know about their opinion on teaching and how they as teachers try to understand the mindset of students


When we were in school, we were often asked to either describe a teacher in an essay, a speech or act like them in a fancy dress and one of the most common phrases or lines what students recited or repeated was ‘A teacher is one who guides us and teaches us’. Over a period of time, we realised that the adage was fairly true. Today, there are many new young teachers who have entered the field and are teaching in various colleges and schools. As they are young they are expected to be fun and communicative at the same time many students also share their personal problems and difficulties with them. NT BUZZ spoke to the teachers and here is what they had to say:

Mission to change lives

Teaching is not a job but a mission to change lives and make a difference. Being a young teacher is extremely rewarding; I feel honoured to be in the institute. I am with colleagues that, over time, have become my family. Even though I am a teacher, I believe in being a lifetime learner and grow with every passing day. Although there isn’t much of an age gap with my students, I have established myself as a teacher who is approachable yet strict when need be. Building relationships with my students is essential to being a successful teacher. Students do confide in me when there is an issue as well as when they just need to have a friendly chat.”

Rachel Amaral, assistant professor of English, VM Salgaocar Institute of International Hospitality Education (VMSIIHE)

You require knowledge

The students approach towards me is great, as I am one of the younger teachers they have warmed up to me pretty well. However, they do understand that there is a line between being their friend and their teacher. Personally, I feel teaching does not require experience in the field but definitely requires knowledge as it is a field to gain and give knowledge and that’s where ‘knowledge is power’ comes into play. Teaching is a powerful job but, only if you can count on your knowledge in the field.”


Althea Viegas, assistant professor of Mass Communication, St Xavier’s College, Mapusa

Connecting and bonding

Teaching is an art and also a skill and I strongly believe that I have the necessary inputs to deliver and share knowledge with my students. It is necessary to connect with every student and create a bond that is extremely important for uplifting the education of the student. I try to understand the ability and grasping power of every student and guide and mentor them accordingly. I also make sure that the students are informed about the current trends and I try to impart some practical knowledge and experiences as much as possible. I love being with my students and so I am enjoying this profession. It is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and experiences and I am happily sharing the same with my students. Teaching is also an art of team building wherein the students find themselves grossly involved in day to day activities which gives them confidence in making any event a big success. My teaching experience has been extremely wonderful.”


Nikita Chodankar, assistant professor of Mass communication, Don Bosco College, Panaji


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