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Young innovators of Goa

Every final year student has been a part of a group to work on a project wherein they explore their ideas, creativity and work hard to develop some interesting and useful plans. NT KURIOCITY bring readers the details of some engineering final year projects


Working on final year project often gets the best of you and also brings out some leadership qualities, or gives you lessons in teamwork, thus preparing you for your future career as well. After months of research, with the use of innovative ideas students develop unique projects that not only give them good marks but also earn them a name in science. NT KURIOCITY takes a look at some interesting and successful projects invented by the engineering students

Coconut Solar Dehydrator

Team members: Omkar Kambli, Saideep Golatkar, Sayeel Ratnakar Kannaik, Velinton D’Costa, Viraj Naik and Devang Kholkar

Guide: Joe Kurian and Gaurak Phaldessai

Six final year mechanical engineering students of Padre Conceicao College of Engineering, Verna designed a coconut solar dehydrator to overcome the disadvantages of conventional sun-drying, including dust settling in open areas, crows and other vermin eating the crops, vitamin C depletion and discoloration of the crop. Here there is no need for a net or a scarecrow or a person to guard the crops and the time consumed in drying in conventional method is lessened drastically.

The prototype uses solar radiation to generate heat used to dry the crops. The device was successfully designed, fabricated and tested, giving 50 per cent faster results then conventional drying. Coconuts that usually take eight days to dry were dried in four and half days, without the limitations of conventional drying. The prototype also provides protection to crop during sudden rains.

Team leader, Omkar Kambli says that there should be plans to market it further and more research is needed to develop a robust design. “The prototype can be developed to work during the night and the rainy season. It can also be developed to dry other crops like chilies, mangoes, bananas etc fish and meat can also be dried and the dehydrator can also be used to dry clothes,” he adds.

Disabled Friendly Wheel Chair

Team members: Deepak Kolur, Saideep Naik, Vinay Naik, Anay Kalghatgi and Prashant Gaonkar

Guide: Swapnil Ramani and Ajit Salunke

To develop a low cost automation than the existing wheelchairs in the market, five students of Don Bosco College of Engineering, Fartorda have developed a Disabled Friendly Wheel Chair to help physically challenged people.

Group leader, Deepak S Kolur explains that their project is multifunctional. In addition to the functions present in the today’s wheelchair, it also has an adjustable portion of back rest and leg rest, converts into bed and can also be converted to a vertical support to put the person in a standing position.

He adds: “This wheelchair is a mechanically controlled device designed to have self-mobility with the help of user command, this reduces the human effort. The chair is provided with high torque DC Geared Motor. The standing position is achieved using a pneumatic.”

The team took months to complete this project including its design and fabrication. Talking about its benefits, Deepak says that most people face a problem continuously sitting which leads to tissue breakdown. This can be avoided by making person to stand and recline in the chair. “People suffering from certain paralysis or aged people can use the chair as per their requirement.”

Industrial Pipe Cleaning Mechanism

Team members: Kassim Shaikh, Ishwer Chawan, Dikshay Aldonkar, Manfred Carvalho and Gaurav Kataria

Guide: Shivkrishna and co-guide Saish Rivonkar

To get rid of scales and fouling that accumulates on the internal surface of pipes, students of Agnel Institute of Technology and Design (AITD), Assagao designed and fabricated an ‘Industrial Pipe Cleaning Mechanism’.

The semi-automatic pipe cleaning mechanism can traverse in vertical and horizontal pipes and can accommodate for the change in the diameter of the pipes ranging from 300milimetres to 500milimetres. It is designed to maintain constant contact with the pipe walls using a compression spring. Cleaning action is accomplished by a high velocity water jet and along with scrubbing action by the metal brushes provided at the front. The device finds its application in industrial pipes dealing in chemicals, fertilisers and water treatment plants.

Computer Numeric Control Router (CNC Router)

Team members: Varun Dinkar, Sohan Naik, Ashwin Naik and Prajyot Gaonkar

Guide: Mahesh Caisucar

Wood work is a historic art practiced over the centuries by man using chisels and hammers, requiring tremendous amount of skill, labour and time. A group of students of Goa Engineering College, Ponda thus decided to automate this hard work so that wooden designs can be accurately created with less effort and in shorter span of time. Thus the idea of CNC Router evolved; this is generally a computer- controlled cutting machine, able to run any number of custom programs to cut, carve, engrave and slice with laser-like precision. The machine is designed for engraving logos and carving two-or-three-dimensional representative or abstract forms (sculpture) on flat wooden/Plaster of Paris surfaces.

The CNC Router works simultaneously in three directions, enabling it to produce complex shapes. A very easy to use device, the required engraving or carving needs to be fed into the software and the CNC controller and computer system then work together to direct the motors and drive system in their movement. The router is mounted on machine to perform the cutting operation in the given directions.

“The skill required by craftsmen to produce sculpture design is lessened, there is increase in productivity and thus increase in profit in the business,” says group leader, Varun Dinkar.

Solar Photovoltaic Water Pumping Irrigation System

Team members: Jhonty Barreto, Sushantkumar Raikar, Pranabh Sawant and Vismay Tari.

Guide: Milind Sakhardande

The students of Goa Engineering College, Ponda developed a solar powered irrigation system, to overcome the deficiency of electricity in rural areas. A battery is used to store the solar energy to deal with the inconsistent availability of sunlight. The project also optimises the use of water through a drip irrigation system, where water is directly given to roots of the plants in required amount for their proper growth. The use of automation reduces manual labour.

Autcart app

Team members: Bhasker Bhandare, Gandhali Kale, Nikita Srivastav, Nazia Sultan and Sushmita Gawas

Guide: Risha Dhargalkar and co-guide Sulana Rebello

Autcart is a hybrid physical shopping system which can help bridge the gap between the current offline and online shopping systems, developed by five students of Padre Conceicao College of Engineering, Verna. Group leader, Bhasker Bhandare says: “In India we have festivals throughout the year and we Indians believe in budget, so everyone here shops on monthly basis and a huge population growth has led to long queues at the payment counters. In online shopping though you can get the items delivered at your doorstep, the customer can’t get the actual feel of the purchased product until it is delivered.” Taking both these factors into consideration the team designed a prototype that if implemented on a large scale can revolutionise shopping in India. This provides a better user shopping experience and an easy payment option of online transactions thus eliminating the need for physical payment counters.

Thus the shopper needs not wait in long queues to pay their bills, it saves time and money. You get every detail of what you have shopped for on your phone, pay online and thus a better user shopping experience.

Bhasker further says that the whole idea behind developing this system is purely for betterment of our country hence they look forward to make people, government and companies aware of the app so that they can take it further.

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