Wednesday , 20 March 2019

Yakub Pays the Price

THERE is an unconventional view that Yakub Memon was a second-level player in the Mumbai blasts conspiracy, so he did not deserve to be sent to the gallows. The main conspirators were Tiger Memon and Dawood Ibrahim and several faceless ISI men.  Yakub is of course not innocent. However, his role in revealing Pakistan’s involvement in the blasts must be remembered. Also, Yakub managed to persuade six members of his family to come back and face the law, including his wife Raheen, mother Hanifa and father Razzak. Yakub helped Indian investigators by revealing how Islamabad helped his family in Dubai and Karachi by giving Pakistani passports and other ID proof. The information he gave was crucial to the trial. It exposed Pakistan’s lies. However, instead of being treated as an approver, he is now being sent to the gallows. Is it because New Delhi could not lay its hands on Dawood and Tiger? Of course, we must not forget that he aided the blast in which more than 250 innocent persons died. But capital punishment has not been known to be any better than life imprisonment as far as deterrence to heinous crime is concerned.

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