Wednesday , 25 April 2018


Wolverines are large, stocky animals that look like small bears, but they are the largest members of the weasel family. These tough animals are solitary, and like to roam long distances. Individual wolverines have been known to travel 15 miles (24 kilometers) in a single day in search of food. Their feet are wide and furred, webbed, and front feet have long, strong claws, which help them climb. They often follow wolves to scavenge the remains of their prey. Males mark their territories with their scent, but they allow several female wolverines to live there. Females den in the snow to give birth to two or three young each late winter or early spring. Young wolverines, called kits, sometimes live with their mother until they are two years old. Wolverines’ thick fur is brown with two yellowish stripes on back.

Scientific name: Gulo gulo

Family name: Mustelidae

Endangered status: Least concern

Classification: Mammal

Life span: 7-12 years

Diet: Omnivore

Habitat: Forest

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