Wednesday , 20 March 2019

Why Does GFA Have Double Standards?

Solania Lopez, Benaulim

Earlier this year at the end of May, GFA suspended forty five professional players, some of them plying their trade in the Indian Super League, I-League, Goa Professional league and other leagues for playing in an unauthorized tournament during the off season and fined the Rs 5000 each and handed them a one month suspension. GFA said it was the fault of the players as the players are registered under GFA and AIFF and cannot participate in tournaments that are not organized by said organizations. Come November 2017 and the same GFA has turned a blind eye to players men and women, playing in the Goa Futsal Cup organized by Futsal Association of Goa this coming after GFA sent a letter to all players registered with them stating that they would be suspended for a year and fined heavily if found guilty of the infringement.  The list of men and women probables to select  the State futsal team was published on reputed English dailys on December 3, 2017, in that amongst the Girls every single player is currently playing in the Vedanta Women’s League organized by GFA and in the Boys category a number of players are playing in GFA organized Goa Pro League, 1st Division league, age group leagues, some players are also contracted with GFA and  AIFF as referees. My question is Why is there a different rule every time? Why can the same rule not apply to every single player?  It is sad to see that the honest and just players suffer from these double standards of  GFA. Goans and Goa football players must see and realize how Goa is no longer the Mecca of football of the country. If our own association GFA is undecided with their rules then moving forward is a distant dream.


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