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When mystical nature comes alive on canvas

Forms of nature merging to form an image that takes the viewer on a deeper spiritual journey, the canvasses in the exhibition come alive, with vibrancy. ‘Occult’ as the exhibition is named brings together six artists, all based in Indore, to showcase their attempt at transcendental side of nature.
“Our works have a very ethereal feel about them; some of them will surprise and stun you. We wanted to take our viewers on a fantastical journey, one into spirituality. Some of our works play with the forms of nature, merging. We aim to take the viewer on a journey deeper to the inner self,” says artist Premendra Goud
The nine artists include
Anis Niyazi
A sculptor with a brush, Anis carves the canvas with the whittled strokes of his imagery. Nature inspires his thoughts and incites him to animate the canvas with the defined and undefined. Anis weaves his memory layer by layer deep into the pictorial moments. New strokes come into being but previous strokes are still there celebrating their existence. His vision replicates the cosmos and everything within while he adds several dimensions to the same.
Pankaj Agrawal
Over the three decades, Pankaj has pursued and practiced academic painting with extreme alacrity and dedication. The narratives of his work keep forming with the ease with which his colours express themselves in integrating, flowing and treasuring the vividness of nature. This is quite evident in all of his work from allotrope paintings, drawings with black ink on a white surface to giving life and form to a piece of clay or capturing the reflection of brightness through his camera lens.
Rajesh Sharma
Rajesh symbolises grandeur through his artistry. His creative sense and methods express themselves through his contemporary art style. These creations are deliberately subtle yet profound, and hint at the completeness of the world.
Premendra Goud
The effects of a person’s life and behaviour on his creative sensibilities have forever been a topic of curiosity. This question has always been raised and has been interpreted differently by different personalities. For those beholding Premendra’s work over a long period of time, this eternal question keeps arising. Looking at his work we find that all his colours, be it green, blue, white or saffron highlight certain cognition of nature. Nature which is untouched and unexploited by mankind is serene in every sense of the word.
Subhash Chouhan
Subhash is a rather traditional artist, not in terms of defined conceptions, colours, shapes or styles his unique style decked with his own scheme of colours. And hence, even though his subject has been constant since he began this journey, each piece he creates is absolutely different from the other in every sense of the word. His paintings are also not conventional; in fact they have a contemporary and present day feel. Subjectively his work depicts the exposed shape of a female body with all the depth, nodes, complexities and beauty it holds. The interesting fusion of his colours decorates the subject with several dimensions and makes it intellectually appealing.
Anil Sharma
Anil has been reflecting the different moods of our natural surroundings through his paintings. His paintings offer a world of sensual delights, the miraculous multitude of colours, lines and forms in nature. Over time Anil has developed a distinct signature style, with strokes immersed in the hues of seasons and surroundings. Almost all of his works invite you to a journey of solace and subtleness, while presenting you with a different visual experience. His acrylic artwork resonates with the ultimate creator who develops his own unique recipes of blending thoughts and moments in nature.
(Occult will be open to public viewing at Carpe Diem in Majorda from December 10 to December 23)

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