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When musicians from Goa join hands to support Kerala and Kodagu

Over 40 musicians from Goa and the DARTH-hard rock band from Hyderabad are all set to perform live at a concert on September 9 at Anjuna. The proceeds of the event will be given to relief fund for Kerala and Kodagu flood victims. NT BUZZ finds out more


While many people, organisations, and authorities from across the world have joined hands and have contributed to help Kerala flood victims, the musicians from Goa are not far behind. Coming together for the cause, over 40 artistes from Goa will host a fund raising live concert for Kerala and Kodagu.

The event is brainchild of musicians Swapnil and Varun Carvalho. Speaking to NT BUZZ Rise Nation Army founder Varun Carvalho says: “We all know what has happened to Kerala and Kodagu and how these two places are in need of our help and support. Today, we as humans need to stand by them. We have a skill and art of singing and therefore we need to utilise it to help people in need and thus we thought of hosting the event.”

The concert will feature musicians playing in bands and jamming up with artistes from several popular bands. The opening act will be Goa’s traditional ghumat aarti by Rampurush Ghumat Gazz Anjuna. Artistes including Cliff De Souza, Elvis Lobo, Varun Carvalho will also perform at the event. The audience will also get to hear a mix blend of different music genres. “It’s not only rock but you’ll get to hear folk, blues, jazz, hip hop, reggae etc,” adds Carvalho.

Since the event is a fund raiser, there will be donation boxes put up at the entrance of the venue. Adding how the money will be distributed to the victims who are really in need, Carvalho says: “We have some friends who are working on ground in Kodagu and we aim to reach out to them personally and give them the cash. At the event we will count the money and announce the details of the collection and later go to the workers who are handling the locals in the affected areas and give them the amount.”

(The event will be held at Guru Bar, Anjuna from 6 pm  onwards.)


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