Sunday , 17 February 2019

When achievers’ meet

With the purpose of enlightening their present batch of students and the general public about how to prepare for Common Admission Test (CAT), Triumphant Institute of Management Education (TIME) Private Limited, Goa which is an entrance exam training institute recently organised ‘Achievers’ Meet 2017’ at Panaji.

These students will be aspiring for their Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and CAT next year. At the meet, about 12 ex-students of the institute who got into top business schools of India were invited to share about their journey from preparing for CAT till getting into their dream colleges.

Sharing his experience, student of Goa Engineering College, Ponda, Nihar Madkaikar who scored 99.8 percentile in CAT 2016 said: “I started my preparation in July 2016, and practiced sincerely for three to four hours every day. I answered many mock CATs and these tests helped a lot to understand where I stood and which areas I needed to focus on. Also, I practiced to be able to sit at a place for three hours, example the duration of the test without getting distracted. This is important since we start to get fatigued as we reach towards the end of a very challenging test.”

Nihar added: “It is important that the candidate does a lot of broad based reading particularly some abstract reading as it helps in the verbal ability section of the test.”

He also suggested not to stick to just one material and to use material from multiple sources at least for some practice as it gives exposure to various approaches to solve the problems. “Make sure that you are extremely thorough with the sections or topics that you feel are your strengths. And try to improve and be at least reasonably good with the sections/ topics which you might be weak at,” Nihar said.

Another student, Siya Mopkar who will now be joining Goa Institute of Management, Sanquelim said: “I left my job and joined TIME to prepare for all MBA entrance tests. To prepare for the exams, I kept myself away from all sort of distractions for about eight months and invested my time in shaping my mind to answer CAT/CMAT (Common Management Admission Test).”

The meet concluded with achievers’ answering the queries asked by the students and the public present there.

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