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As another year begins, there’s so much to look forward to. And while resolutions continue to be made and broken, there are several things people aim to cross off from their bucket lists. NT BUZZ finds out more

What’s on your 2019 bucket list?

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When it comes to New Year resolutions, they’re made in a jiffy and end up being broken in the same period of time as well. But, off late, bucket lists have become a trending topic among people, who strive to make sure that its items are crossed off. Travel generally tops the list of many people, after which the list gets as crazy as it can be.

Explore the world

Who doesn’t want to travel? This rhetorical question is what keeps most of us focused; at least in terms of saving up to make sure the travel dreams come true. The most popular is undoubtedly travelling the world and exploring new destinations. So while the aim is to travel, here too people have varied preferences and goals.

“I have been dying to travel solo, without family or friends and remain disconnected with Goa and people back here, but it’s waited too long,” says Kim Fernandes, a professional in her 20s who is determined of putting this plan behind. “My parents won’t allow me to do it, so will have to cook up some theory or just run out of home for at least a good 10 days. And during this time, I don’t want to be connected through the phone or social media, something that I generally can’t live without,” she says.

A sports enthusiast tells us that travel for sport events have been plenty within the country, and thus comes in the way of exploring places. “While I will have to continue going on assignments, I will try to be choosy about places and try extending trips,” she says.

Blogger Jade D’Sa (That Goan Girl) travels way too much, not only does she inspire people to travel more, but gives those people who can’t travel for various reasons to explore places with her through her feeds and posts. “What I am planning for 2019 is a month long trip to either Cambodia or Vitenam,” she tells us. Similarly, another blogger Akio Fernandes too has plans to travel extensively on his own expense or through his blog.

“I am lucky enough to get sufficient time off to travel, being based in the Gulf, but this year, I plan to travel more with my parents,” says Noah Rodrigues who says that travelling back home for Christmas and New Year is always on his bucket list.

Many believe that travelling not just about posting pretty pictures, or checking in at hotels or making food stops. “Travel teaches you much more than school or college can teach…about lives, history, culture and so much more. It’s the experiences that make you what you want to become and help you mature,” says a student.

Learn a new language

Languages are fascinating, and today with ample opportunities available for those who are multi lingual, people, irrespective of age want to learn new languages. Gone are the days when children could opt for French, Portuguese, Marathi, Konkani or Sanskrit as the third language. Today, the options are several and the means to learn them are even more. From online tutorials, to private tuitions and various organisations have courses in various levels; this one is on the list of several people.

“I studied French in school and higher secondary level, but later I did a basic course in Portuguese. I loved and enjoyed learning with people from various age groups. I am able to converse with a few Portuguese nationals at the hotel I work in, but now I want to learn some more European languages like German and Spanish,” says Gerard Gracias Flor.

For chartered accountant Ashish Prabhu Verlekar, learning a new language has been on the bucket list every year off late, one he hasn’t been able to cross off. But, he says he’s postponed this agenda for way to long and will make sure he learns Spanish within the next twelve months.

“I know Konkani well and can speak fluently, though I don’t care of whether the Konkani I speak is Romi, Devanagri, North or South Konkani. But what I want to do is learn to type the ‘lipi’ script, and this is not for work, but to use while talking to people on whatsapp. I think as Goans, we lack this ability,” says an assistant professor, not wanting to be named.

Getting inked for life

Another craze that most people have is to get a tattoo on their body. The pain and the thought of it being there until the dying day is no deterrent. While for some it’s less about the design or the tattoo, but more about doing it so that you can conquer the pain, or pacify your own self.

Blogger Akio Fernandes says, he’s going to make sure he gets inked this year. “I have two ideas, one on my calf and one of the forearm, and the first one will be a football related one because I have been a Manchester City Fan and started the official supporters club in Goa. The second would be something related to Hungry Wolf, related my blog but a well planned concept that is going to be very big. Tattoos and piercings have always interested me since I was a child. I got a stud, and now it’s time for the tattoo.

“I got my first tattoo in December 2018, and was excited about it. It took me almost two years to decide on what I wanted, and now that I have that one, I’m eager to get inked again,” says post graduate student and singer, Ruth Costa.

“Black is my favourite colour and whenever I get inked it has to be in black. While my first tattoo planned by me was about my profession photography, the one I’m doing in 2019 is about all the professions I’ve lost over time like football and music,” says photographer Jovel Fernandes from Calangute.

Out of the box stuff

Quirky, for the sake of fun, to enjoy life, to learn more, to self introspect, for various reasons, or theories, or excuses, or call it what you please, people go an extra mile to do something different, they have never done, want to do. And this list can get crazy

Self taught artist, Clarice Vaz is excited about the New Year. And she says, it’s nothing to do with exhibitions or the sale of her works. “For me 2019 will be another year to know myself better so I can then create from a different level, newer perspective,” she says before adding that she will be her latest version in 2019.

Photographer Harsh Kamat wants to do more work that he can call his own, than making more money as a photographer. “I have already begun, but in 2019 it will be in force to stop commercial and cliché photography of events and parties, and do more serious work like documentaries, etc,” he says.

An entrepreneur tells us that while she wants to quit business and take to writing a book about her life, a media professional intends to materialise her dream of getting into baking. While for some road trips and adventures are what they look forward to, for others spending quality time with ageing and cranky parents is their main aim. Many want to get rid of their phobias, including ghosts and snakes, and who doesn’t want to into shape or get back into shape?

All said and done, the New Year will begin, and end faster than you imagine, just like 2018 went by, so make sure you have a copy of your bucket list at eye level at every nook and corner, and on reminder to help you accomplish your dream and goal in the next 365 days.

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